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Debunking Breast Reconstruction Myths

Breast reconstruction is often associated with cancer patients who have had breast tissue removed as part of their treatment to address the cancer. For those patients that have dealt with cancer, reconstruction can assist them to return to more of a normal, after the upheaval that cancer […]

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Is Cellulite Reduction Right for You?

While it was once a procedure designated for the wealthy or those based in Hollywood, cellulite reduction treatments are becoming more and more popular throughout just about every demographic. To reiterate what cellulite is and does, it can be simplified down to a situation where a person’s […]

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5 Benefits to Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a procedure, usually performed by plastic surgeons or dermatologists that are used by over 10 million people in America on an annual basis. While it may seem like it is something that designated for the wealthy, statistics say otherwise. As a minimally invasive procedure, […]

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