Welcome to Denude Med, a medical day spa in Annandale, Virginia, specializing in laser hair removal services. Denude Med is one of the few day spas in the greater Washington, DC area operating under the direct supervision of a Board-Certified Physician. Dr. Ahmad Ellini, M.D.’s direction ensures that all of Denude Med’s health and beauty services are administered with the highest degree of safety and expertise.

Our dedicated and experienced staff will design individual customized treatment regimens tailored to your specific needs.  We encourage appointments for complimentary consultations. Due to the highly individualized nature of the treatments, the cost for some treatments can only be determined once the individual has been evaluated in person. Determining factors for prices include the number of sessions required and the size and location of areas to be treated.

Our passion for beauty, perfectionism, and precision is what makes us the leaders in the medical spa industry.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the field of laser hair removal and offer unparalleled expertise, quality of service and most impressive aesthetic outcomes at affordable prices. Their time, care, and personalized attention to detail are what our clients enjoy the most.

We provide the most advanced technologies with highest standards of service. We believe in modern world beauty should be accessible to everyone, and we are striving to continue making it a reality at our medical spa.

We serve our clients with a superior level of professionalism, attention, and personal care attuned to their unique requirements.