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reducing under eye bags

Puffy eyes or under eye bag is probably the last thing we want to have after waking up. They are unsightly, they also make us look tired, stressed, and make us look twice older than our age! Ugh! If only you could find the fountain of youth and treat this puffiness in just a snap of the finger. 

Under eye bags or the puffiness in the eyes is commonly caused by aging. As we grow older, the tissues surrounding the eyes weaken and sags over time, resulting in a swollen and puffy appearance. Not getting enough sleep and smoking are also factors that can increase your chances of getting under eye bags. Well, you don’t need to search for the fictional of youth since there are more realistic ways you can do to reduce your under eye bags. 

What can you do to reduce under eye bags?

under eye bags may be inevitable, especially if it’s caused by aging and genetics. However, there are sure ways that you can do to reduce the puffiness. Below are some effective ways to help you manage your under eye bags:

  • Apply cold tea bags

If you love sipping tea on your morning or afternoon break, then you will surely love it more once you learn that it can also treat your under eye bags. The caffeine components of the tea have antioxidants which will work by stimulating the blood flow to the skin surrounding your eyes; thus, reducing its puffiness. 

  • Use a cold compress

If you can’t find tea bags in your kitchen, then opt for a cold compress. The coldness in the compress will alleviate the swollen skin. You can apply it in the morning and evening until you can see noticeable results. 

  • Apply cucumber

This is one of the most popular treatments for under eye bags. It works as effectively as the cold compress in reducing the puffiness of the eyes. You can apply sliced cucumber directly on top of your eyes while relaxing in your living room. Aside from this, cucumbers also contain astringent properties which can be a great addition to your skin regime. 

  • Include tomatoes in your diet

Tomatoes, like cucumber, can be an effective way in treating eye puffiness. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is great for the heart and skin. It can do wonders on your skin by making it softer and minimize the dark circles under the eyes. Dab a cotton ball on a mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice, then apply it under your eye. Rinse it with warm water after 10 minutes. 

  • Drink plenty of water

Being dehydrated contributes to experiencing early signs of aging, such as getting under eye bags. Experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day to maintain the right moisture and hydration that your skin needs. 

  • Take antihistamines

Sometimes, allergies are another cause of under eye bags. Allergies can make your eyes water; thus, making it swollen and puffy. The best way to treat it is to avoid the things that trigger your allergy; and take an antihistamine to manage the symptoms. 

  • Get plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep is another major cause of under eye bags; especially in the younger generations. Sleep is very important as it allows your body to rest and your cells to regenerate. Maintain a full night’s sleep and you will be surprised that your skin will change for the better. 

  • Use retinol cream

Retinoids are a common component in many skin care products, especially those used for treating acne, psoriasis, premature aging, and others. Retinol cream contains Vitamin A, which is crucial for a healthy immune system and cellular growth. Depending on your dermatologist, you may apply it on the skin under your eyes once a day. 

  • Wear sunscreen

The sun can be really harmful to our skin. It removes moisture in your skin and can cause premature aging. It can also increase your chance of getting under eye bags. When going outside, make sure to wear sunscreen at all times. Choose sunscreens that are water-resistant and with SPF30 or more. Wear protective clothing too, and seek shade whenever possible. 

  • Under eye bag surgery

If all the home remedies and OTC treatments fail, you can always visit your dermatologist and have your skin checked. There are many effective therapies that you can opt for to remove your under eye bags. You can go for microneedling, laser resurfacing, chemical peels and fillers, and others.