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Some people are self conscious about their body shape. We tend to put importance on our outer appearance and put value on how other people perceive us. Because we are not created perfect, there will always be areas in our body that make us feel uncomfortable – especially for people with excess fat. Today, people are always searching for ways on how they can look and feel healthier. To treat stubborn fat around a person’s body, one may try liposuction but it can be an invasive procedure. Fortunately, VASER Shape is here to give you a better alternative for liposuction.

VASER Shape is a quick procedure that targets fatty areas of the body. The non-invasive procedure uses an ultrasound to help locate fat tissues in the body. A pulse of energy will be sent into the fatty tissues causing the fats to be sculpted away. VASER Shape can firm and shape a person’s body temporarily because it can reduce the appearance of cellulite and at the same time, increase the blood circulation in the area. Here are the other benefits of VASER Shape:

  • Safe

Since VASER Shape is non-surgical, it is safer compared to other fat tissue removal treatments. You can also opt for a massage prior to the treatment so you will feel more relaxed during the procedure. A hand piece massage helps a lot in relaxing your muscle tissues and in opening up your lymph nodes for pre and post-treatment. 

  • Precise

VASER Shape will only target those areas in your body with fat tissues that you want to be removed. The use of ultrasound diathermy will enable you to locate areas with excess or unwanted fats. VASER Shape also covers the different parts of your body with fatty tissues, depending on how you would want your physical appearance to be. 

  • Painless

Again, VASER Shape is non-surgical; so there will be no invasive treatments involved and no painkillers to be taken during the treatment process. You will have the figure that you so desire right after the treatment. However, this may only be temporary. So if you want to maintain the figure you’ve been wanting, then consider a diet plan or an exercise program to maintain it.

  • Efficient

The ultrasound diathermy and hand-piece are two components that complete the equation of the wonder fat tissue treatment called VASER Shape. In as early as 3 to 5 sessions, you will see noticeable results on your physical appearance. 

  • No swelling

Swelling or inflammation around the treated area is normal for treatments involving surgery. However, you will never experience it with VASER Shape; instead, it improves the blood circulation in the area which greatly helps in reducing swelling. 

The good thing about VASER Shape is that people who undergo this treatment will feel safe and relaxed. In fact, many patients claimed that the treatment almost feels like a massage. Because it is non-surgical, they will have peace of mind knowing that they are safe. With VASER Shape, you can now achieve the body shape you’ve always dreamed of in a painless way.