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laser hair removal in Annandale

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be frustrating. In most cases, it can be time consuming too. Shaving, tweezing, and waxing are the most commons options that come to mind. They are all worth considering but they can sometimes be painful plus your hair will grow back in a short time and you’ll be repeating the same process. If you are tired of it or can’t keep up with your hair removal routine, you should consider laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated laser to remove unwanted hair. During this process, the laser will emit a light that is absorbed by the hair’s pigment. The light will be converted to heat which will then damage the tube-shape sacs in your skin responsible for producing hairs. When the hair follicle is damaged, it can cause hair growth delay.

Laser hair removal is perfect for removing unwanted hair in legs, face, chin, arms, underarms and bikini areas. It can target dark coarse hairs while leaving your skin undamaged plus it can treat many hairs all at the same time. Small areas can be treated in less than a minute and larger areas may require an hour such as the legs. It might not offer a permanent hair removal solution, as the hair will grow back again, but it can be perfect if you need to remove unwanted hair just in time for any occasion you’ve been looking forward to.

When to have a laser hair removal session?

Laser hair removal can be scheduled any time you want it but for some people it may be best by starting in the fall. While some people think that the ideal time to have laser hair removal is during spring and summer since these are the times you will be showing off more skin, it is exactly the opposite. Your skin needs some time to recover from the treatment so it is always a good idea to schedule your laser hair removal before summer and spring which makes fall a great choice.

Here are some reasons why fall is a great time to start your laser hair removal sessions:

  • Less sun exposure

After a laser hair removal session, your skill will be extra sensitive. Yes, you can still protect your skin during spring and summer but it’s more convenient and easier to do it during fall when the temperature outside is cooler.

  • Great time to relax

After your session, your doctor might recommend you to stay away from rigorous activities such as exercising. During fall, you tend to spend more time inside so it’s easier to avoid these activities without feeling guilty.

  • Your skin will be summer ready!

You will have ample time to recover from the hair removal session so by the time summer is here, your skin will be ready. You will feel more confident in your own skin after getting the treatment during the fall season.

Consider getting a laser hair removal session this fall to have beautiful and smooth skin next summer!