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Just like you change your clothes and shoes when the seasons change, you should also change up your skincare routine to accommodate seasonal changes. This article will explain why changing your skincare every season is good.

1. Air’s moisture level directly affects your skin

Moisture levels in the air rise and fall with the seasons. During the drier months, moisture levels will drop. And then, when it’s rainy or humid out, moisture levels go up. This constant humidity fluctuation in the air can wreak havoc on your skin.

Changing seasons bring different weather conditions that can greatly impact your skin. As the weather warms up and becomes more humid, you may not need as many hydrating products, but you will want to incorporate more sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. In the winter, when the air is dryer and cold, you will want to make sure you are using moisturizers that hydrate the skin and lock in moisture.

2. Dry and dead skin cells from winter settle on your pores

One of the most important things you can do for your skin changes your skincare routine with the seasons. You see, just as the weather and temperatures change, so does our skin. And, if you do not adjust your routine to meet your skin’s needs, it can lead to breakouts, flaky patches, or a dull complexion.

3. The summer sun has you squinting

Your skin has different needs in the summer than it does in the winter, which is why a good skincare routine includes changing up your products with the seasons. Sweatier or drier conditions changes in humidity and temperature can affect how your skin reacts to certain ingredients. Make sure your skincare routine is the best it can be throughout all seasons by adjusting it based on the weather.

4. Sweat-inducing temperatures affect how you should be washing your face

Just like you should be swapping out your wardrobe in preparation for the changing of the seasons and the weather, you should also switch up your skincare routine. With warmer days ahead, it is just as important to keep your face cool and refreshed by washing away all that extra sweat.


There are many reasons to change up your skincare routine with the seasons, but the most important is that you want to ensure that your skin is being fed the right nutrients to stay fresh, energized, and hydrated. And with so many great products out there, it is easier than ever to find something that works for you.