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Laser hair removal has been one of the most popular hair reduction treatments of the past decade, but you might be one of many people who are still unsure what exactly it can offer. Let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages to undergoing laser hair removal.

1. Speed

Perhaps the biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that sessions can be completed without taking up significant portions of your day. Each individual pulse from the laser will simultaneously treat multiple hairs, which allows the process to be completed relatively quickly. Smaller areas like the upper lip can often be treated within a few minutes, while larger swathes of hair can receive treatment in approximately an hour in most cases.

2. Pain-Free

Of course, one of your biggest concerns about laser hair removal is probably about pain. Does laser hair removal hurt? The good news is that, while everyone is different, the vast majority of patients report that the laser either didn’t hurt at all or was only mildly uncomfortable. Patients with especially low pain tolerances may benefit from applying a numbing cream to the treatment area an hour before the procedure, but this is typically unnecessary.

3. Quick Results

Laser will perform best if you have light skin and dark hair, but the difference is typically negligible. So long as your unwanted hair isn’t stark white or a very light blonde, laser should be able to remove it. Most patients experience complete and permanent hair loss after four to seven sessions. In the rare case that a patient doesn’t completely stop regrowing hair in the treatment area, the hair will grow back substantially slower and sparser than it did before treatment and can be managed in “touch up” sessions every six to twelve months.

4. A Gentle Touch

You may find the idea of having a laser removing your hair to be unsettling, but laser treatments are surprisingly gentle. The laser works by targeting coarse, dark hairs and removing them without doing long-lasting damage to the skin. While your skin may feel temporarily sensitive after treatment, it’s exceedingly rare for a patient to experience side effects like blistering or scabbing. It should be noted, however, that even these worst-case scenarios are only temporary.

5. Cost-Reduction

Over the last few years, the cost of laser treatments has dropped significantly. On the other hand, razors remain expensive and waxing prices have been on the rise. By permanently stopping unwanted hair growth, or severely reducing it, you will be saving yourself countless dollars that would have otherwise gone to decades of temporary hair removal treatments.

Laser Away

It’s important that you keep all of these advantages to laser hair removal in mind while you decide on what hair removal treatment is right for you. If you’re looking for fast, comfortable treatments that will ultimately save you money, then you should seriously consider the benefits of laser hair removal.