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If you had jumped into the bandwagon called “New Year, New You,” then you will be interested in 2021’s skincare trends. Today, caring for your skin has already become part of self-care. From skin moisturizers, serums, rejuvenating creams, as well as the technologies behind these foods for the skin, here are the skincare trends that you may want to try this year. 

  • Probiotics-rich skincare

The microbiome is known to offer many benefits. And the latest buzzword in the skincare industry is probiotic skincare products. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help maximize skin healing, soothe inflammation, and provide a strong barrier. Combined with synthetics will indeed create balance in the microbiome, making it more beneficial. 

  • Celebrity-owned skincare products

JLo, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian. These celebrities, and many others, are all delving into the skincare market, releasing their own beauty brands. And what makes their beauty brands trend this 2021? Simple. Their products are as if talking to us and telling us that we, too, can have that supple, smooth, and youthful skin like the celebrities that own them. 

  • Minimalism is in

The spread of the pandemic proves that less could also mean more, especially in wearing makeup. And why would you keep on sporting that deep, matte lipstick if you will just hide it under the mask, right? The year 2021 is now all about wearing less and simplifying everything. Skincare trends in 2021 will now forfeit wearing heavy foundation with complete contouring and just let the natural skin shine through cream-based concealers and lip balms. With wearing facemask and face shield as part of the new normal, people are also paying more attention to products such as soothing facial sprays to prevent breakouts. 

  • Blue light protection

We have been wearing sunblock and sunscreen to protect our skin from its enemy called the UV rays from the sun. But little did we know that another enemy is lurking somewhere that threatens our skin — the blue light. Blue light is a more harmful enemy to our skin than the ultraviolet rays from the sun. It is the light emitted from electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, televisions, etc. When the harmful blue light penetrates your skin, it can contribute to early signs of aging and premature skin damage. 

  • Hand care-focused

With the pandemic still ongoing, your skincare kit this 2021 wouldn’t be complete without hand sanitizers. And because of the growing demands for hand sanitizers, many manufacturers have upped their marketing tactics by adding fragrance and moisturizing formulas to the product aside from its germ-fighting ability. 

  • Refillable skincare products

The world is now gearing towards being more sustainable and environment-friendly. Thus, the birth of refillable skincare products. Famous brands like Humanrace, Dior, and others take the necessary steps to a more sustainable industry by providing skincare products in refillable packaging. And with many more brands pledging to aim for 100% recyclable packing in the future, it is safe to say that skincare products in refillable containers are indeed one of the trends in 2021.