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If the fountain of youth is real, probably, all of us will be searching for it. Nobody wants to get old, especially the effects that come with it: saggy, wrinkled, and untoned skin. We employ numerous skincare products in the hope of reversing the signs of aging. One skincare solution that is growing in popularity is the use of face serum.

What is a face serum?

Face serums are skincare products that you apply on your face as part of your skincare regime after using a facial cleanser before applying your moisturizer. It is often mistaken as another type of facial moisturizer since it also provides hydration to the skin. But unlike moisturizers, face serum is more potent with a unique texture — clear, gel-like or liquid-based, and soft. It aims to deliver high concentrations of hydrating and skin brightening ingredients right into your skin, making it a perfect skin regime to target wrinkles. Face serums aim to help lock and retain the moisture in your skin. 

Most face serums contain antioxidants and vitamins such as A, C, and E. They are also loaded with retinol, zinc, and salicylic acid, which will help even out your skin tone, reduce inflammation caused by acne, promotes collagen production, soothes irritation, and unclog pores. 

What is the best way to use a face serum?

Face serums are very effective in reducing the signs of aging and improving your skin tone. However, because of its potency, you should be careful when applying it. Here is how you should use a face serum.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Applying face serum without cleansing your face will make it less effective and may even irritate due to the dirt and oil that has been on your face all day. Cleanse your face with warm water while using your favorite facial wash and cleanser. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Step 2: Apply your facial toner

Using a cotton ball, apply a facial toner to your face. Choose an alcohol-free toner, so it is not harsh on the skin. When applying toner, apply it in a gentle, circular motion across the face paying more attention to the hairline, chin, cheeks, and nose areas. Then move down to your neck. 

Step 3: Apply the face serum

Make sure that your skin is still a bit damp with your toner when applying your face serum. Do not put too much serum on the face as it might cause irritation and other adverse effects. Read the label carefully, especially if it is your first time using the serum. A pea-sized amount of serum should be enough. Use your fingertips to apply it gently to your face and neck. Then tap or pat the skin gently to help its absorption.

Step 4: Apply your moisturizer

You should wait 4-5 minutes before you apply moisturizer on your face to make sure that the serum is already fully absorbed in the skin. Moisturizers will give your skin an added layer of moisture and help lock in the nutrients provided by the serum.