Why do treatment costs sometimes vary?

Due to the highly individualized nature of the treatments, the cost for some treatments can only be determined once the individual has been evaluated in person. Determining factors for prices include the number of sessions required, materials, and the size and location of areas to be treated.

What forms of payment does Denude Med accept?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, personal checks, and cash.

How do I decide if the treatments are the appropriate ones for me?

Your physician’s job or aesthetician’s job is to tell you what a procedure can do for you and to help you understand the risks. Only you can decide whether the procedure is right for you. It is likely to help you achieve your aim. Although there is no guarantee, if a procedure is recommended your doctor or aesthetician believes you will like the results. Still, the decision remains a personal one.

Are lasers safe?

Studies and experience have shown that laser treatment is safe for people of all ages. Lasers selectively treat the problem, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected.

Will my insurance pay for these treatments?

Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance.

How do I choose a Doctor?

There are many respected physicians and who perform facial rejuvenation using non-surgical techniques. Here are some tips for making your choice:

Check that the practitioner has had medically and specialist training. The practitioner must be medically qualified (a doctor, registered nurse, aesthetician or surgeon) depending on local legislation.

Reputable practitioners will offer you a consultation prior to your treatment to discuss your requirements and expectations, your medical history, details of the treatment and the injectable substance, clinical studies, possible side-effects, and so on.

It is important that the surrounding environment is hygienic and comfortable.

The consultation should tell you whether your expectations for the treatment are realistic. How long the effect will last, how much the treatment is going to cost, etc. It may be helpful to see before and after photographs.

During consultation, you should also discuss the aftercare you may need. Ask whether written material is provided about post treatment expectations and about limited activities. It is good to be offered a post-treatment checklist and an emergency telephone number to call if needed.

Why do patients need a consultation?

All new patients are required to have an initial consultation that includes an examination and review of treatment options. During the consultation, you will receive information related to the specifics of your treatment. A full skin analysis, including a product guide outlining your prescribed morning and evening skin care routines, may be provided. The cost of the treatment will also be discussed at this time.


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