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healthy summer skin

Summertime is almost here! A few months from now, you can wave goodbye to your sweaters and jackets and say hello to your swimwear. The humid weather and the warm beaches seem to be beckoning you to take a dip. But before you bare your skin for that perfect sun-kiss, you also have to make sure that it is healthy and glowing from head to toe. 

The cold temperatures from the previous season can take a major toll on your skin, making it chapped, dry, and dull. It is important to readjust your skincare routine to restore your skin’s natural beauty and to protect it from the harsh UV rays brought by the summer sun. Here are the five ways to prep your skin for the summer.

  1. Exfoliate

You can never welcome summer with your skin without exfoliating it. The dirt and your skin’s oil have clogged your skin over the season. Exfoliation is a crucial step to shed those dull, flaky skin caused by the cold winter. This will prevent blemishes and make your appearance brighter and healthier. After exfoliation, you can continue removing dead skin cells once a week by using a gentle scrub. Regular exfoliation will also make your skin more receptive to moisturizers. 

  1. Hydrate your skin regularly

The previous seasons may have caused your skin to be drier. If you don’t deal with your skin’s dryness, your oil glands will manage it by creating more oil. This can lead to unwanted breakouts. Another must-do for your skin in preparation for the summer season is by keeping it hydrated. Keep in mind that the moisturizers you need to use during the summer should be lighter than those you will use in the winter. Opt for water-based formulas so they won’t clog your pores. Aside from applying moisturizers, drinking lots of water is another way to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. 

  1. Cleanse

The warmer temperature encourages you to go outdoors more often. This exposes your skin to dirt and other pollutants. It is essential to cleanse and remove these pollutants so they won’t clog your pores. Cleansing your skin in the morning and nighttime will purify your skin from the buildup of dirt. Choose a non-oily cleanser formulated with natural extract so it will still nourish your skin while effectively cleaning it. 

  1. Remove unwanted hair

A strip of hair running down your legs as you flaunt your skin at the beach is a big No-No. Change your blades regularly, too, so you won’t get razor burn. It is recommended to change blades after five uses. To prevent drying your skin, keep your shaves shorter, use lukewarm water, and finish it with a cool rinse to close the pores. 

  1. Don’t forget the sunscreen

The summer sun can be harsh on your skin. Protect it by wearing sunscreen with at least SPF30. No matter what your plans for the day, applying sunscreen should be part of your skincare routine. Apply sunscreen one hour before going out.